Stories from the Valleys: Citizen Journalism

As part of #TalkValleys we are looking at collecting peoples stories of living in the Valleys

We would like you to get involved! This might be sharing your story, keeping a journal, identifying people who are willing to share their stories and becoming a Citizen Journalist, or even involving and training volunteers to collect stories themselves.

What is citizen journalism?

People go out into their communities as Citizen Journalists to interview someone about an issue. For example, you might ask a friend or neighbour about their experience of how their community is changing, or you might visit a community centre to chat to a whole group of people. The Citizen Journalist would use a story collecting app to called SenseMaker® to record interviews and ask some follow up questions.

The goal is to create useful material that can be used to encourage people to explore and understand what the key issues in their community are, and to create new ways of addressing these issues together. This helps to build and connect communities through getting people talking about the things that are important to them, and possible even to discover what is already there but goes unnoticed.

What’s in it for me?

Not only will this give you an opportunity to go out into where you live and get connected to the people around you, all participants in the process will have an opportunity to gain a qualification in this new approach to social research – a unique opportunity to enhance your CV and learn something new.

Journal keepers

Journal keepers record their experiences daily or weekly and become part of a human network able to provide feedback and thoughts on their lived experience to inform policy and practice. Journal keepers can also be Journalists! We will be organising events in 2018 to which journal keepers and journalists will be invited, so keep an eye out for further updates or, to find out more or to get involved email us at:

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